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Saturday, April 25, 2009

DVS Open House

We had our last Open House of the year at DVS today. It was PACKED! A lot of the families seemed truly interested too. I'm hoping we'll meet our enrollment goal of 40 students next year. There are four interviews set up for next week, so it looks hopeful.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We aren't doing anything for Easter. Everyone in the house is either an atheist or an agnostic. Plus I don't want to deal with the candy and Mini-Mac certainly doesn't need it. MacBoy doesn't care and Mr. Mac didn't feel like doing anything either. So there you go...

Mini-Mac did whine about not getting her plastic eggs filled with money. So we did do that. She's getting better at finding them. Maybe next year I'll actually try to hid them in places she can't find them.

We'll probably go out to dinner later and I'll wear my new pink dress I got at Old Navy. It's a size small!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Getting an RV!

MacFIL is giving us his RV because he can't drive his trailer and his RV at the same time. I'm so excited! I already have three different camping trips planned out. Mr. Mac thinks I'm crazy so maybe I won't be able to convince him to go on all of them. But that won't stop me from trying.

Plus we can do more vacations because we won't have to pay for a hotel.

I want us to camp when I do my triathlon next weekend. And now I want to go to the Avia Wildflower triathlon and scream for one of my friends... it's also a music and camping festival. That's the one Mr. Mac rolled his eyes over. Then we have the school's annual camping trip at the end of May.

That's probably enough for now. But I'm hoping we can take at trip to San Diego at some point and maybe even the Grand Canyon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Biking

Mini-Mac and I have a new hobby. We go bike riding every weekend.

It's kind of fun for me because I get to be the coach and not the student. But Mini-Mac needs a LOT of work! She won't ride her real bike with the gears because she's afraid of it. She also won't follow me when we go through intersections ... she switches to the cross-walk, which is not really safe. But it feels safe.

Our bike rides all involve stops at Subway though. I'm going to have to figure out what to eat there. I tried to substitute a picnic at a small park on the trail we road on this time, but was unsuccessful. We did stop there though. Some Indian families were there beating on drums and throwing colored dust at each other. I think it's part of some sort of festival, but what festival, I do not know.

Earlier today, Mr. Mac, Mini-Mac and I went to go watch a train. It was supposed to be a steam train, but it wasn't. Mr. Mac was very disappointed. Mini-Mac was bored. I was in between.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Karma hates me

I've been rather gleeful that Mr. Mac has sleep apnea and needs a CPAP machine. I'm not gleeful because I want him to have problems, but because

(a) I like being right and I was convinced he had sleep apnea,

(b) I was worried he'd have a heart attack in his sleep due to sleep apnea and really wanted him on the machine to prevent that,


(c) I've shared a hotel room with someone who had a CPAP and found the noise very restful so I figured I'd get a better night's sleep with him on the machine vs. him snoring.

So yesterday Mr. Mac comes home with his brand-spanking-new CPAP machine and I go to bed and I can't get to sleep. That thing is SO noisy and it makes a noise like wind whisling through the trees crossed with a car reving it's engine. Both are noise that startle me and keep me from sleeping.

But I think I'll be able to get used to it because, unlike snoring, it's at least a regular sounds. If not, well, at least I don't have to worry Mr. Mac is going to die in his sleep from sleep apnea.