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Sunday, April 18, 2010

RV is now fixed?

So MacFIL has come and gone. He and Mr. Mac spent yesterday replacing things on The Behemoth. Now we have to try her out on a veyr short, local trip. We're thinking of going to Del Valle next weekend as MacMadame had a Tri Clinic there on Saturday and an Open Water Swim on Sunday, both there.

Will The Behemoth make it one piece? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family visits

MacFIL is finally making it up our way. I think Mr. Mac has a day full of RV repairs set up for him. I like my idea better: come to my triathlon on the Wine Country and go out to dinner after. Doesn't that sound like more fun that sweating over a hot RV trying to figure out why the engine keeps turning off while we're driving?

We're not scheduled to do any family stuff until this Fall after that. My mom is coming up in Sept and I'm going to San Diego in October. Then, Nov. is my Ironman and I'm hoping some of my relatives will show up for it so I have people to cheer me on. Thanksgiving is right after so we're thinking we'll stay south and head to SD for Thanksgiving or maybe we can talk some people into going to the Grand Canyon for a Thanksgiving away from home instead.