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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blane asked me to prom!

I have been unhappy at my job for a while and lackadaisically searching for a new one. I had worked with a friend on creating a better resume and had started on a list of job leads but hadn't done much else. I knew I had to work harder and in a more organized fashion to get a new job, but the rest of my life kept getting in the way and it didn't happen.
I was even dressed for the prom when I got the news

Then at April's SVTC Happy Hour, I ran into a friend who got excited that I was on the market and had me send him my resume. This led to a phone screen by his boss and then an in-person interview, which I was pretty sure would lead to a job offer (sometimes you can just tell).

Two business days later, I went to work and was told my contract wouldn't be renewed past the end of this month. I said "Oh." My supervisor looked at me funny, but what I was thinking to myself was, "Good thing I went on that job interview."