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Friday, September 14, 2012

MiniMac is a High Schooler

I think this where I'm supposed to say "I feel so old!" Except her being in High School doesn't make me feel old. (Other things do but not that.)

On the other hand, it does freak me out a bit. Mostly because she's going to a traditional High School now and so there is homework and Back-to-School Night and grades and getting ready for college. It all seems so vital somehow and like any second now we can make a decision that will screw things up.

One thing Mr. Mac and I told Mini-Mac when she said she wanted to go to this school was: This is your idea so you have to make it work. We aren't going to nag you about homework, keep track of your tests, or otherwise do the work for you. I anticipated some adjustment and drama over having to deal with these things but [knock wood] so far, so good.

And I can't stop myself from working about the homework and the tests even though it drives Ms. Mini a bit crazy. I think she's said "I know, Mom" about 50 times this week alone.

She's thrown herself into school activities too. She's a member of the color guard and signed up to do the Freshman Skit for starters.

She's not doing the Fall play though. Says the school's theater is lame and the play is lame. She's got callbacks with PPF for their Christmas play. She's being considered for two parts. So she'll do that instead.

We also told her, if she decided to go to public school, that this was it for a year. No whining two weeks into the semester that she wanted to go back to DVS. Well, she's not whining that she wants to go to DVS. Instead she's whining that she wants to go to Irvington. They have an arts magnet program and I told her to apply last year and she refused.

Which isn't stopping her from driving me crazy, nagging me every day to call them and figure out how to get her in there sooner than next year. Sigh.