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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tahoe Vacation

Only two more weeks before we go to Tahoe! We're taking the RV and staying at some Casino RV Park in Nevada. That cracks me up.

Friday, June 12, 2009

MacBoy Graduates!

Today is the last day of school so that means MacBoy is a High School graduate!

We're still finding this hard to believe.

Graduation ceremony is tomorrow, followed by the end-of-the-year party.

Next step: MacBoy looks for a job!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DVS Camping Trip

We just got back from the annual DVS camping trip. We took our RV, which was interesting. First of all, the RV reminds MacMadame very much of MacMIL and, as we were cleaning it and stocking it and packing it, she kept thinking of Greta and how much she would have enjoyed all the trips we have planned this summer.

Mr. Mac said it made him think of his mom too.

Anyway, we chose to have an RV spot instead of parking in the group parking lot for our site. This turned out not to be such a great idea because the only spot that fit the Behemoth (what we call our RV) was very far away from the group camp site and schlepping things back and forth the first day to get the kids set up in their tents and such was a PITA. Also, we didn't get to use a lot of the stuff we brought because it was just too much trouble to go get it.

It was nice to go hide out in it when the group thing got to be too much. MacMadame needed a big nap after her 2.5 bike ride all over the hills of Livermore and it was nice to nap in the air conditioned RV instead of in a hot tent. But, by slinking away, we missed more of the group feeling too. So it was a double-edged sword.

Next year, we're parking in the group lot!

Our next trip is to the Lake Donner area. MacMadame is doing a triathlon there in July. Then we had planned to do another weekend at Del Valle in Aug. but that probably won't happen. So it's Bike MS: Waves to Wine in Sept. and Santa Cruz in either Aug. or Oct.

MacMadame would like to go down to San Diego at some point, but Mr. Mac is leery of driving that far. Hopefully, as he gets more used to driving the Behemoth, we can branch out a bit in our trips. MacMadame still has "see the Grand Canyon" on her list of things to do before she dies and that would make a great RV trip.