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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Want a free RV?

We have been unable to get anyone from those "we'll take your car in any shape" places to take our RV. They don't do RVs. So ours sits in the driveway doing nothing.

Want it? Just come get it and it's yours.

It's 33 ft long and about 27 years old. It runs but didn't pass smog the last time we had to do that. It's had work done on it since then but it's still unlikely to pass smog.

So it's not really good for traveling around the country. But it would work for sitting on a plot of land until you build something on it. Or as a spare bedroom if you get a lot of guests. (We use it for that now but don't get enough guests to justify the space it's taking up in our yard.)

It's got a bathroom with the toilet separate from the shower, a bedroom with a queen bed, a kitchen area and a seating area with a pull-out couch and two armchairs. The stove, microwave, fridge and ice maker all work. It's got A/C but I'm not sure it works in the bedroom.

Basically, if you want it, come get it. As is. No guarantees.