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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Toyota is Dead. Long Live the Toyota!

MacBoy totaled his car.

Okay, HE didn't total it. Some dude totaled it for him. The other guy was going at least 50 in a 30 mph zone. But says he had a Green light. MacBoy says it was a flashing Red.

Which means it's "he said, he said."

We think the insurance company will come back with "Unable to determine fault."

That's good in a way because it means MacBoy's insurance rates won't go up. But bad in a way because he only has Liability insurance and so he won't get a dime for the wrecked Solara.

The Cash for Cars people gave him a couple hundred for it though. And another couple hundred for his Aunt's Saturn that she gave him but he couldn't learn to drive because it was a stick shift.

He did try on the stick shift but he couldn't get comfortable on Mr. Mac's car and his Aunt's was in much worse shape and much harder to drive.

We ended up buying him a "new" one for his birthday with the understanding that he'd pay us back for most of it over time.

It's another Toyota but a Corolla. So quite the step down from the Solara in some ways. It's a 1997 too. But slightly less mileage. And not dying like the Solara was. At least not as far as we know!
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