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Friday, August 16, 2013

Mini-Mac is Babette

I forgot to mention that Mini-Mac is Babette in the Stage1 production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.

They had their opening weekend last weekend and it was fab. It's a very different experience from her usual theater group. Instead of hundreds of kids in 3-5 casts all milling about, they picked the top kids and really rehearsed them.

It makes a big difference.

The show is much tighter and much higher quality and much more enjoyable to watch.

Plus Mini-Mac is awesome in it, of course.

I'm still glad Peter Pan Foundation is around giving kids a shot. Because every kid gets in, Mini-Mac has been able to have experiences that she wouldn't otherwise been able to get. She's gone from being in the Ensemble with occasional solos to having name parts. I don't think that would have happened if she was just auditioning and auditioning and not getting to production after production.

Plus they do so much good work raising money for charity.
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