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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My car is dying


My car is eight years old so I guess it's time for everything on it to fall apart, but it didn't help that Mr. Mac let the Wheelworks guys work on it. They completely screwed up my engine! They broke a bolt holding down some valves so then oil got everywhere and that broke some more stuff.

We told the dealer to just do the bare minimum to get it running again. So now I have a replaced bolt, replaced gaskets (which is what we paid Wheelworks to do in the first place), new water pump, new battery, new timing belt and a valve adjustment.

But I need something done to my transmission and a new bolt-down strap for the battery and a new oxygen sensor. I'm driving around with the Check Engine light on because the oxygen sensor got ruined by oil.

I have been wanting a new car but was hoping this one would last another two years, at least. There goes all the other things we wanted to spend money on.
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