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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We stopped at Disneyland on the way to Dan's sister's. It was awesome!

Sunday night we just hung around Downtown Disney. It was super crowded and I was worried we hadn't beat the Thanksigiving crowds like we thought we would by doing Disney first. But Monday was fine. We hardly had to use any Fast Passes because the wait in most lines was around 30 minutes.

We went on Splash Mountain and I got talked into sitting in the front seat of the log flume. I was SOAKED! Plus we went at dusk so there wasn't any sun to dry me off. I was unhappy at first, but got over it. We saw most of what we wanted at Disneyland proper and then went over to Disney's California Adventure for dinner.

Tuesday was even less crowded. We mostly stayed at Disney's California Adventure, but there isn't a lot to do there so we went back to Disneyland to pick up some stuff we missed. Unfortunately, the lines were long at one ride and the other was closed. So we piddled around a bit and did Autopia.

I am not a big fan of Autopia, but it's even worse if you don't get to drive. Right at the last minute, Mini-Mac begged me to rid with her but I said no. Big mistake. She couldn't work the car at all and ended up sitting there for long periods of time until Mr. Mac just pushed her car with his car. I was upset because I felt she had just given up. She was upset because she was humiliated. Not a good scene all around.

We went back to DCA at this point because we wanted to do the Tower of Terror again. I LOVE THAT RIDE. It's my favorite ride in the whole world. At the last minute, Mr. Mac and Mini-Mac chickened out. We already had four Fast Passes so MacBoy and I went in the regular line and rode, then came out and used our Fast Passes to ride two more times. It was AWESOME! We got to sit in the front row the last time and it was the best because the whole car was into the ride. We all had our hands up and were hooting and hollering.

At this point, the original plan had been to go on California Screaming again but it looked like it was going to rain and the kids wanted to go to Downtown Disney and buy souvenirs. We did and then took the shuttle back to the hotel where we found our car had been invaded ... by ants!

We took off and just beat the rain, squishing ants the whole way to San Diego. I was still wet from the Grizzly River Run ride (though Mini-Mac got the wettest this time) so on the way home we went to McDonalds and I was drying my ass on the blow dryer in the Women's Room. Luckily no one came in and caught me.

Our hotel in San Diego is a big flea bag, but we don't plan to spend much time there. More later as events unfold.
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