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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back from San Diego

We're back from our vacation. San Diego was great. We just hung out with family and didn't end up doing anything touristy, but that was okay.

Mini-Mac and Mini-Cousin had a grand old time playing video games and Barbies and trading clothes. As usually Mini-Mac scored some new outfits. Although she is now in the 44% for height instead of way down low, she's still the smallest of her friends and always comes home with clothes they've outgrown when she visits. This visit was no exception. She ended up with a great pink dress.

The boy cousins were quite impressed with their "almost an adult" cousin MacBoy and wanted to play with him a lot. MacBoy likes kids and was happy to oblige. He even had a "sleepover" with one of his cousins though it mostly consisted of him staying up until 4am playing World of Warcraft. He whined a lot about being forced to go on this trip and not bring his girlfriend, but I think Mr. Mac was right about this (and I was wrong). It was good to have this time together as a family. It would have been a very different trip if he'd had someone to constantly disappear with. Now that he's almost of legal age, this may be the last time we have a vacation like this.

I only worked out one day, in spite of my best intentions, but did well with my eating plan. I didn't have foamies or throw up one time and only got uncomfortably full a few times. Either I'm getting better or my sleeve is getting more forgiving. Or both.

Oh and Mr. Mac and I met a friend of mine for "dinner" the last night we were there. It was good to catch up. Most of the people I used to know in San Diego are all married with kids now. It was fun to hear about them.
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