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Thursday, July 16, 2009


We're up in Tahoe this week. MacMadame is doing a triathlon at Donner Lake on Sunday so we decided to make a family vacation of it. MacBoy decided to stay home. He's too cool for family vacations any more. Though, if we ever get back to Walt Disney World or take a cruise, I bet he'll he be right there.

We're staying at a place called (don't laugh) Terrible's Gold Ranch RV Park and Casino. It's just across the Nevada border. It's pretty close to Lake Donner and to our relatives who live in Incline Village.

Getting here was interesting, as there is a lot of construction going on in the area and that made for some very narrow roads. The Behemoth didn't like that, nor did it like climbing all that elevation. But we made it!

Yesterday we went to Lake Donner and MacMadame ran around the lake. The air is THIN up here and she thought she was going to die at first, but then got into it. Her time wasn't too bad. Maybe she'll be able to break the four hour mark in her triathlon after all.

Mini-Mac went swimming even though the lake is FREEZING. She's pretty hardy that way. Then she sunbathed like we all used to do before everyone worried about skin cancer. She had plenty of sunblock on though so didn't get too tan.

Then we went to Northstar at Tahoe to meet relatives for dinner. We had an old gift card that Grandma Mac gave us the last time we were out here so we bought some clothes with it. It was five years old, but it still had money on it! Mini-Mac made a candle and MacMadame made some earrings.

We went to a sushi place for dinner and then The Chocolate Bar for dessert. Mr. Mac had their version of a brownie sundae and it was quite good, but Mini-Mac's chocolate mousse cake and MacNephew's mud pie were just okay.

We have to go back on Friday to pick up Mini-Mac's candle as it needed time to harden.

Today we're going to Reno. We'll visit a train museum to make Mr. Mac happy and then go to an enormous mall to make MacMadame and Mini-Mac happy. (Now that she's a size two, MacMadame needs lots and lots of clothes and is always shopping.) If we can, we're going to see the new Harry Potter movie too.

Tomorrow, we'll visit the niece, nephew and grand-niece at their place including some more swimming. MacMadame thinks she'll bring her wetsuit this time. We may mountain bike too.

Saturday we'll go back to Donner Lake to pick up MacMadame's race packet and have a BBQ with some people from her triathlon club and she wants to bike the bike route as a last hurrah before the triathlon. Mini-Mac wants to kayak too and there is a place to rent them there so it's likely we'll do that or some boating of some sort.

Sunday is the triathlon, which MacMadame will write about in her personal blog (Fatty Fights Back) and then Monday we'll come home.
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